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The Drifter Toy Car

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The Drifter Toy Car


The Drifter, heirloom wooden toy car, inspired by the classic '60s American Cars.

Candylab Toys bring back to life the elegant '60s American modernist vibe, and craft it into stylish, fun and contemporary wooden toy design collectibles.

Beautifully crafted from solid Beech wood, each car are created original from a classic of the great '60s American Cars. Bringing to life one's imagination with its appealingly and highly realistic features of play settings based on real world physics – found in the ramp jumps and landings.

These elegant and durable classics are equipped with high-gloss finish, cool captivating graphics and candy-like colours from water-based non-toxic paints which are safe and environmentally friendly.

Awesome heirloom quality wooden toy cars that inspire small kids and big kids alike to create their own compelling stories during play, inspiring the creative imagination.

Solid Beech Wood, Water Based Paint and Clear Urethane

18.8cm x 9.7cm x 7.2cm

Wipe with a damp cloth and a few drops of soapy water if required

NOTE:  This product has been safety tested according to Australian & New Zealand regulations