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Mb Pocket Cutlery Set


Mb Pocket Cutlery Set


Stainless steel cutlery set with container.

It’s packed lunches all the way with the MB Pocket stainless steel cutlery set. A fork, a knife, a spoon: that’s the necessary cutlery set to be as comfortable as at home when having lunch outside. That’s why none of these accessories is missing in the Monbento reusable cutlery set! Designed in stainless steel and equipped with a plastic stand, this set is also very reliable and fit easily in the Monbento bento boxes. A reliable partner for a lunch without boundaries.


•  Dishwasher-safe
•  BPA-free*
•  BPS-free
•  Food grade
•  Suitable for MB Original and MB Square bento box

•  1 knife (Stainless steel)
•  1 fork (Stainless steel)
•  1 spoon (Stainless steel)
•  1 removable back/tray (PP)
•  1 protective case (PC)

•  14.7 x 4.7 x 1.6cm