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Magformers Standard 62 Set


Magformers Standard 62 Set



Magformers Standard 62 Set – Intelligent Magnetic 3D Construction Set For Children’s Brain Development.

The Magformers Standard 62 Set – A Gold Award winner in the UK and it comes with 3 geometric shapes in squares, triangles and pentagons, a total of 62 pieces. It’s an exciting introduction into the creative, educational and extraordinary 3D world of Magformers. A world that inspires a child’s unique and limitless imagination to create, explore and discover.

3D World of Magformers  Each bright colourful pieces of Magformers Standard 62 Set are perfect and enjoyable for young children’s little fingers to create 2D patterns on the floor or on the fridge door while older kids are inspired and challenged to build more complex 3D structures such as towers, castles, spheres and much more. The set offers a huge range of construction possibilities, once the construction concepts have been understood, kids will invent, innovate and design their own structural ideas in the 3D world of Magformers.

Consists of 62 pieces – In 3 different geometric shapes of 30 squares, 20 triangles and 12 pentagons, Magformers Standard 62 Set is fully compatible with other Magformers sets

•  Magformers Standard 62 Set is an exceptional toy and an ideal educational 3D modelling tool to help establish fine motor skills and brain development by stimulating the creativity, fun and limitless imagination in young children

•  Includes a colourful themed Model Booklet with step-by-step recommendations from simple models to complex structures such as houses, small castles, spheres and even a flower. Magformers Standard 62 Set challenges the minds of children inspiring their limitless imagination and creativity, reinforces problem solving skills and stimulating brain developments. Suitable for all children big and small, age 3 – 93 years

•  Magformers Intelligent Magnetic Construction Set promotes brain development through creative, fun and educational exploration. With high-quality, durable construction and intelligent magnetic design, the possibilities are limitless

•  Neodymium magnets are encapsulated within all the edge surfaces of Magformers. These rare-earth magnets rotate to ensure the shapes connect to each other regardless of their position whenever two or more Magformers are connected together. Every magnet is kept safe and secure in Sonic welded, BPA free HQABS plastic

Neodymium magnets encapsulated within Sonic welded, BPA free HQABS plastic

 30.5cm x 5.1cm X 32.4cm, 62 geometric shapes