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Legio Nova Teapot


Legio Nova Teapot

Eva Solo | Claus Jensen & Henrik Holbæk


Elegant, timeless 1.2L teapot. Porcelain with oak handle. 

The design speaks for itself when timeless simplicity and functionality are elegantly combined in a single product. This is the essence of the Legio tableware designed by Ole Palsby. A dinner service which for decades has provided the backdrop for meals in countless homes. The same goes for the Legio Nova tableware, a new interpretation of the classic Legio tableware which is known for its delicate, fluted decoration and high-quality porcelain.

An elegant teapot with an oak handle adding an exclusive touch, but also practical function in that it makes pouring easier. Also, the handle folds down to take up less space. Legio Nova is supplied with a 10-year porcelain warranty and is 100% drip-free.

Porcelain and Oak