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Immerse Plus VR Headset


Immerse Plus VR Headset


The next generation of virtual reality. Experience an extra-sensational 3D virtual world at your finger tips.

The Immerse Plus Virtual Reality Headset enables you to watch 3D movies and play simulated games whilst experiencing virtual realities. Incorporates an eye cushion, adjustable lenses, removable window (for use with augmented reality play) and a head strap to maximize your comfort and experience.

With the 360° content and the possibility of a panorama view, you'll get lost for hours in virtual world of your choice. Just start the App, insert your phone into the headset and your ready to go!

•  compatible with most 4 - 6 inch Smartphones (Also fits iPhone 6 Plus)
•  360° panoramic view
•  ultra wide field vision
•  intensive 3D view
•  adjustable lenses for optimal vision
•  leather feel lined eye cushion and adjustable head strap
•  Compatible with many free and inexpensive VR apps, 3D movies and games. All available to download from the Play Store and App Store.
•  Also compatible with many free videos on YouTube, search for 'side by side 3D' to download content.

Dimension: 170mm x 105mm x 125mm
Weight: 190g