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Grill Brush BBQ Scrubbing Brush


Grill Brush BBQ Scrubbing Brush

Eva Solo

Sturdy, stainless steel brush for cleaning BBQs and grills. Replaceable brush head.

With bristles made of steel, the sturdy Eva Solo Grill Brush head quickly deals with grime. The simple brush has a silicone grip that stays cool during use and ensures a firm hold.

Hang the brush on a hook so it is always within easy reach. Once you've finished grilling, you can quickly and easily clean your grill before placing the grill brush in the dishwasher. Should the brush become worn during the summer, the brush head is, of course, replaceable.

•  effectively removes burnt food residues
•  replaceable steel brush head
•  dishwasher-safe

Stainless Steel, Silicone, Nylon

Dimensions: 38.7cm x 6.6cm 

Note: spare brush heads sold separately.