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Green Tool Doubleup Cutting Board


Green Tool Doubleup Cutting Board Wheat

Eva Solo

Chopping board made up of two pieces.

  • Cutting board with powerful magnets that enable the boards to be combined into one or separated into two boards.
  • It's now easy to transfer chopped vegetables etc. to a frying pan or saucepan without spilling anything.
  • Made from part wheat fibre for a more sustainable kitchen!


Green tool DoubleUp is a flexible chopping board that makes food preparation much easier! Place the two cutting boards up against each other, then fold in the middle for an easy way to transport ingredients from bench to stove top. Store the cutting boards flat or placed on top of each other, depending on the available space in your kitchen. Dishwasher-safe.

Eva Solo’s new Green tools series comprises functional and sustainable utensils that will help to bring out all the flavours in all the wonderful vegetables. All the handles in the series are made of a sustainable material in which 50 per cent of the plastic has been replaced by wheat fibre. The Green tools are thus a tribute to new green habits in the kitchen as well as new and sustainable production methods.