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Fireglobe Fire Pit


Fireglobe Fire Pit

Eva Solo | Claus Jensen & Henrik Holbæk

Fireglobe with integrated grid. Enamelled steel and stainless steel.

The Eva Solo extraordinary FireGlobe fireplace is aesthetic in every way to behold. It enhances the beauty of the mesmerising flames with its unique sculptural shape, and is excellent for bringing together family and friends to indulge the al fresco lifestyle. Fireglobe creates a delightfully cozy atmosphere providing ample warmth, so you can remain outdoors as day turns to night. The fireplace is easily portable to any desired location using its integrated handle.

•  Unique sculptural shape doubles as a windshield
•  Use handle to lift and shift
•  Integrated grid ensures good ventilation
•  Two year warranty

Enamelled steel, stainless steel

75cm x 64cm diameter

*Due to long distance shipping (10kg) to Northern Territory –
the shipping will cost $175