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Sun Light Bell Outdoor Lamp


Sun Light Bell Outdoor Lamp

Eva Solo | Claus Jensen & Henrik Holbæk

Solar cell powered lantern with automatic switch. Frosted glass and aluminium.

We want the sun to keep shining for as long as possible, whether we are sitting in the garden, on the patio or balcony, or in a sunny spot inside. Sun light is the warmest, nicest and most energising light of all. This is the basic idea behind the Sunlight solar lamps. Each lamp in the series is designed with concealed solar cells. You can even use the integrated dusk-to-dawn sensor, which can be set to turn the lamp on automatically when the sun goes down.

The SunLight Bell now available in a small model, so you can enjoy the sun light even more. The design of the lamp allows you to use the light just where you need it and without having to lay any cables. Place it on the patio floor, on the table or on the grass. The lamp is 100% solar-powered,and after 8 hours recharging in full sunshine will provide 20 hours of lovely illumination. 

•  Easy to move around with handle
•  100% solar powered
•  8 hours charging in full sunshine gives 20 hours of light
AAA rechargable batteries (included)
•  Included batteries can be recharged up to 500 times before needing to be replaced
•  Frost proof
•  2 year warranty

• Frosted glass, powder-coated aluminium, plastic

• 20cm x 13.9cm diameter