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Dusen Dusen Pattern Puzzle Jigsaw

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Dusen Dusen Pattern Puzzle Jigsaw


Bold and Colourful – abstract Dusen Dusen Pattern Puzzle, contains 500 pieces.

Dusen Dusen Pattern Puzzle Jigsaw are aesthetically designed by bold womenswear line Dusen Dusen who's renowned for their vivid, upbeat and original textile designs. Inspiring confidence to all fun loving people who wears them, each season, the Dusen Dusen's collection is developed and inspired by fine art, commercial and naïve design, as well as the human's brain sensory extraordinary response to colour, movement, and contrast.

Dusen Dusen Pattern Puzzle – are crafted from chipboard, and each mesmerising puzzle collection contains 500 pieces of challenging, irresistible and entertaining hours of fun for ages 9 and above. 

A Must Have for Self Isolation
  "Studies and research have proven that puzzle-solving is beneficial for advance memory and positive mood development, lower stress levels and optimise problem-solving skills."

Recommended for ages 9 and above.

•  500 pieces
•  Manufactured from Chipboard

•  Approximately –  46cm x 61cm (assembled)