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Cork Globe Mini Coloured


Cork Globe Mini Coloured

Suck UK | Chiaki Kawakami


3D Mini Globe Travel Log. Coloured cork material, with gift box.

Suck UK's Cork Globe Mini is a classic and with this update, now you can explore the land and see it in colour. Stick pins in the places you've been or plan your future travels. Pin your favourite places, stick on your photos, and collate all your collectables from your worldly travels. 

Been there? Done that? Show off your globetrotting exploits for all to see...in full colour. The perfect gift for the traditional tourist. 

Mounted on a stainless steel base and supplied with pins. 

•  Cork, Stainless Steel

•  14cm diameter x 30cm 

Designed by Chiaki Kawakami for Suck Uk.