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Clover Pendant Large (35cm) Stone


Clover Pendant Large (35cm) Stone

Eva Solo | Tools


This Clover pendant lamp fits in almost everywhere and spread its light with joy. Hang it from the ceiling in the kitchen, in a corner of the living room, or in the hallway, and it will pleasantly light up its surroundings.

  • Provides pleasant and even illumination in any space.
  • The vents create an interesting light effect where the lamp lights up itself and casts both light and shadow around it.
  • Inspired by the four leaf clover and the very first industrial lamps.


For centuries the four-leaf clover has been associated with luck. To say that someone “lives in clover” is to say that they live a life of ease, comfort and prosperity.

Clover is also the name of this decorative and functional lamps series from Eva Solo. It is inspired from a time when the incandescent light bulb revolutionized human society and brought about a new era of productivity that changed life at work, at home and out of doors.

At the time, the industrial lamps needed ventilation holes to prevent them from overheating. The vents have been maintained in the creation of Clover to pay homage to the industrial lamps they were inspired from. They have been designed to give the lamps their charismatic clover look and lightness.

It comes with a 3 m long textile cable and can be used with a max 25W light source. 

Made from powder-coated steel.

Diameter: 35 cm, Height: 35 cm