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Charcoal Grill BBQ & Fire Pit


Charcoal Grill BBQ & Fire Pit

Eva Solo | Claus Jensen & Henrik Holbæk



Charcoal grill BBQ is an extraordinary barbecue and an avant-garde fire-pit all-in-one from Eva Solo. Elegantly designed and manufactured using quality stainless steel throughout, high-quality and longevity the hallmark of a premium product. 

Eva Solo Charcoal Grill is a simple and functional BBQ. Elegant and minimalist in design, it is manufactured using solid stainless steel throughout and comes with a flat lid for storage. When the cooking is done, simply place some wood logs onto the glowing coals, which then transforms it into an elegant bonfire to indulge in special moments al fresco.

•  Charcoal bucket with handle - easily remove ash
•  Transforms into a bonfire by adding wood logs

•  Larger grill
•  Opens at the side so it can be used for storing charcoal and grill tools when not in use
•  Transforms into a bonfire by adding wood logs

•  Beneath the lid sits a coal bucket; this is where the grill is lit
•  After use, remove coal bucket and empty ash
Transforms into a stylish bonfire by adding wood logs
•  Place flat lid (included) on top for storage
•  Two year warranty:

Stainless steel

•  Always check grill is cool before cleaning
•  To clean, wipe in the direction of the polish lines
•  Wash with hot water and mild detergent, rinse and wipe dry
•  Clean regularly
•  Surface of grill prone to damage if sharp implements/abrasive cleaning agents used
•  Cooking grid, coal grate and burner compartment will darken over time, through heat exposure
•  Coal grate (which sits in bottom of grilling compartment) may form superficial rust; this is only cosmetic and will not lead to corrosion