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Almond Blossom Wall Art

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Almond Blossom Wall Art

Captures the Essence of this Magnificence Van Gogh’s painting from the Van Gogh Museum’s Collection – Transforms Your Home Interior or Office Décor with this Extraordinary and Exquisite Masterpiece

IXXI | Van Gogh Museum

The Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam, has the world’s largest collection of the finest works by Vincent van Gogh. Among the collection is the Almond Blossom masterpiece painted in 1890, at Saint Rémy of southern France when he became so inspired with the Provence’s orchards of blossoming almond trees, which represented a symbol of new life to van Gogh.

IXXI Almond Blossom Wall Art has captured the essence of this magnificence painting, so you can now instantly transform your home interior décor also with this extraordinary and exquisite masterpiece.

IXXI Almond Blossom Wall Art
– A uniquely designed and high-quality wall art decoration made up of individual square cards and connectors that provide endless possibilities in image, shape and sizes. IXXI Innovative Wall Arts are created, manufactured and produced in the Netherlands

IXXI Innovative Dutch-Designed System – A stylish and innovative way to display beautiful wall art decoration in any shape, size and style you want in your home. Comes packed in a beautiful compact package with individual Square Cards (Size: 20cm), ABS Plastic Connectors, Manual and assembly tools

IXXI Innovative Wall Art Cards – 0.33 mm thick (300gsm) Synaps Paper - matt finish; the high-quality synthetic material manufactured by Agfa. Synaps is water-resistant, doesn’t warp or tear and is UV resistant. The cards are easily maintained and cleaned using a soft damp cloth

The possibilities are endless with IXXI – Hang on the wall or use as a room divider by sliding onto a standard curtain rail. This innovative and high-quality wall art decoration will transform your home interior instantly, looking elegant and stunningly beautiful for years to come

IXXI Almond Blossom Wall Art – Comes in three different assembled dimensions: (Small) 100cm x 80cm, 20 cards – for the apartment living or dining room, (Medium) 160cm x 120cm, 48 cards – for a house standard living or dining room, (Large) 320cm x 260cm, 208 cards – for the grande living room and entertaining lifestyle, and also suitable for the corporate office reception area

•  Cards (artwork)
•  Connectors in white - enough to hang your artwork
•  Hanging strip
•  TESA powerstrips
•  Drawing pins
•  Click stick (locks in Connectors)
•  Manual

300gsm Synaps Paper with matt finish, ABS Plastic (connectors)

Individual Card Size
20cm x 20cm

•  100cm x 80cm, 20 cards
•  160cm x 120cm, 48 cards
•  320cm x 260cm, 208 cards