Essey's Award Winning Danish designs – Illusion a floating table that epitomises a timeless statement of beauty, simplicity and functionality – Is it design or is it art?

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Essey – Founded in 2003 by Danish designer, John Brauer, Essey is an innovative design company creating functional furniture, homewares and accessories. The name Essey, is derived from the word ‘essential’, which forms the core of their values and inspiration.

Brauer's design philosophy believes that well designed products should resemble their functionality. Products like Bin Bin, a trash can made to resemble a piece of crumpled paper, or Illusion, a table designed to look like a magical floating table cloth, are extraordinary of this design masterpieces..

Essey’s Award winning Danish design, are made in Germany and have been the recipient of prestigious international design awards, Good Design, Red Dot Design and IF Product Design.








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