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Orchid Pot Self-Watering Pot

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Orchid Pot Self-Watering Pot

Eva Solo | Claus Jensen & Henrik Holbæ


Made in Portugal

Eva Solo Self-Watering Orchid Pot – absolutely beautiful like a stunning white porcelain cherry and with built-in self-watering system. Just the perfect ecosystem for the growing of nature's delightfully beautiful orchids indoor.

MAKE LIFE EASIER – for both yourself and your prized orchids by leaving all the hard work and watering guesswork to the Self-Watering Orchid Pot’s built-in self-watering system. Together with correct lighting and temperatures, your orchid will delightfully thrive in an optimum self-watering ecosystem.

CLEVERLY-DESIGNED – a self-watering system of nylon wicks attached to the water well which stores water at its base. Water is drawn up when needed into the plant roots through the nylon wicks, and replenishing itself within a thriving and low maintenance ecosystem.

STYLISHLY BEAUTIFUL – Made of glazed faience (porcelain) consisting of an inner and outer bowl, beautifully shaped like a stunning white porcelain cherry to enhance your coffee tabletop or the dining table décor. Designed by Claus Jensen and Henrik Holbæk, with acclaimed accolades and recognitions of several international design awards.

SIMPLE TO USE – Carefully remove a suitable sized flowering orchid from its original plastic pot, gently removing all old soil from the roots. Then repot the orchid into the self-watering pot using a specially formulated orchid potting mix of bark chips, charcoal and perlite media (Do Not Use Sphagnum Moss). Fill the outer bowl with water to the maximum level shown in orchid graph, the watering wicks will draw the water upward, replenishing your orchid through the roots.

• 18cm x 18cm x 14.8cm  (L x W x H), Weight: 1.008kg      
• 1 Year Warranty