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Myflavour Drinking Bottle 0.75L


Myflavour Drinking Bottle 0.75L

Eva Solo | Claus Jensen & Henrik Holbæk

Drinking bottle with removable skewer for adding fruit & herbs. BPA free plastic and stainless steel.

We need water, not least when we are on the move, and with the MyFlavour drinking bottle you can flavour it any which way you like. Fresh mint and lemon, cucumber and basil – or perhaps lime and raspberries? Use your imagination and choose your favourite flavours to make the water you drink refreshing and appetising. The drinking bottle has a smart removable skewer, making it easy to add aromatic flavourings of your choice.

The MyFlavour drinking bottle is inspired by the success of the MyFlavour carafe, allowing you to take your favourite flavoured water with you in your bag. The drinking bottle has a practical carrying strap so it is easy to take with you. It is completely watertight, can be refilled time and again, and therefore does not impact the environment. 

•  Stainless steel skewer
•  Generous size with handy carry strap
•  Dishwasher safe
•  Two year warranty

•  BPA Free Plastic, Stainless Steel, Nylon

•  750ml

•   25cm tall x 7.5cm diameter