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Loco Wink Wall Art


Loco Wink Wall Art


Uniquely designed wall artwork system comprised of individual squares and connectors, gift-boxed and included tools to assist hanging. Available in various sizes.

The Dutch-designed IXXI system is a stylish and ingenious way to display beautiful works of art in your home, made up of individual squares and connectors, and comes packed in a compact box with assembly tools. The possibilities are endless with IXXI - hang on the wall or use as a room divider by sliding onto a standard curtain rail.

Made entirely in the Netherlands, IXXI wall art cards are 0.33 mm thick and printed on Synaps; the high-quality synthetic material manufactured by Agfa. Synaps is water-resistant, doesn’t warp or tear and is UV resistant. The cards are easily maintained and cleaned using a soft damp cloth. This unique high-quality wall art decoration will transform your wall instantly, looking stunningly beautiful for years to come.

The cards in this pack are double sided, featuring a different colour scheme on each side. There is no set finished size - the cards can be arranged to suit your space. 

•  Cards (artwork)
•  Connectors in yellow - enough to hang your artwork
•  Hanging strip
•  TESA powerstrips
•  Drawing pins
•  Click stick (locks in Connectors)
•  Manual

•  300gsm Synaps Paper with matt finish, ABS Plastic (connectors)

Individual Card Size: 20cm

•  Small - 25 cards, double sided print
•  Large - 50 cards, double sided print