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Leaf Wax Food Wraps


Leaf Wax Food Wraps

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Keep your food fresh and look after the planet with these funky food wraps made from natural materials. 

  • Keeps food fresh. Pack of 3 for multi-purpose use
  • All natural, eco friendly alternative to plastic wrap
  • Naturally antibacterial, sustainable, compostable.

Easy to use: Fold-to-fit, then press and seal with the warmth of your hands to create natural, breathable storage in seconds. 

Each wrap lasts 120 - 150 uses, or up to one year. 

Made out of natural materials, a completely biodegradable alternative to plastic wrap. A great earth-friendly gift. 

Wash in cool soapy water. Do not heat.

Three sizes in the pack:

Banana : 39.5cm x 28.5cm
Cabbage : 31.6cm x 25.6cm
Perilla : 20.8cm x 18.6cm

Cotton cloth, beeswax, tree resin & vegetable oil