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KIYOSHI Original Ultrasonic Himalayan Salt Lamp Diffuser 160ml

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KIYOSHI Original Ultrasonic Himalayan Salt Lamp Aromatherapy Diffuser 160ml


The World's Best Stress Remover 

KIYOSHI – Brings you the best of both worlds!

Integrating ultrasonic technology with holistic aromatherapy benefits of the Himalayan Pink Salt which revitalises you and purifies your home.

The Premium KIYOSHI – Is your essential companion that has everything to enhance your aromatherapy and sensory needs all in one. 

Stylishly Aesthetic to Behold – KIYOSHI is very elegant with a beautiful minimalist clean look, and enchantingly designed to transcend the senses of tranquillity flowing from the mind, body and to your soul.

The benefits are instantaneous when using the integration of ultrasonic vibrations with Himalayan Pink Salt. KIYOSHI operates silently in the background to atomise the fragrance infused water of your preferred pure essential oils into a microscopic mist that gently drifts and blends into your atmospheric home environment.

A Must Have for Self Isolation    Integrating Himalayan Salt and essential oils which enhances tranquility and reduces stress of the mind, body and soul.

Benefits of *Himalayan Pink Rock Salt
Himalayan pink rock salts are renowned to be among the purest salts to exist on the planet, hand-mined and uniquely crafted to preserve their natural beauty and purest form. Himalayan Salt Lamps are thought to emit negative ions to neutralise the potentially harmful positive ions that emit from digital devices like smartphones, televisions, radios and others.

The use of Himalayan Salt Lamp could enhance the tranquillity and balancing effects in the designated environment of your home or office.

•   Water reservoir – 160ml capacity
•   Cool Mist Technology, Mist output – 20ml/hr
•   Room Humidifier, Negative Air Ioniser
•   Night Light effect – 5 Levels Dimmable Halogen Light
•   Approximately up to 6+ hours constant runtime
•   DC 24v Power Supply
•   Automatic Safety Shutdown
•   Manufactured using ABS + PP Plastic material
•  Item Weight – 2.11kg
•  12 Months warranty

•  19.4cm x 18.1cm x 28.5cm

* KIYOSHI comes ready to use with Himalayan Rock Salt as seen in the photos.