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Facet Tumblers 34cl (4 Pcs)


Facet Tumblers 34cl (4 Pcs)

Eva Solo

Set of 4 soda lime glass tumblers for hot and cold drinks. 340ml.

The reflective facets of the tumbler add a touch of style and character to any table, whether for parties or everyday meals. The tumblers have a wide range of uses, and are equally suitable for serving water, coffee, juice, tea and smoothies or ice cream and yoghurt & muesli.

The Facet tumblers will complement any table setting style, from rustic to a light and elegant look. The tumbler is made of tempered glass and withstands both cold and hot drinks up to 130°C.

•  Robust material for everyday use
•  Tolerates cold and hot drinks (up to 130°C)
•  Easy clean - dishwasher safe on glass cycle

Material: Tempered soda lime glass

Volume: 340ml

Dimensions: 11.2cm tall x 8.3cm diameter