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Facet Glass Bowl 50cl (4 Pcs)


Facet Glass Bowl 50cl (4 Pcs)

Eva Solo

Set of 4 soda lime glass bowls. 500ml.

The reflective facets of the bowl add a touch of style and character to any table, whether for parties or everyday meals. It will complement any table setting style, from rustic to a light and elegant look. The bowl has a wide range of uses, and is equally suitable for serving breakfast, soups and snacks. The bowl is made of tempered glass and withstands both cold and hot contents up to 130°C.

•  Robust material for everyday use
•  Tolerates cold and hot drinks (up to 130°C)
•  Easy clean - dishwasher safe on glass cycle

Material: Tempered soda lime glass

Volume: 500ml

Dimensions: 5.5cm tall x 15.6cm diameter