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Dreams of Summer C Collection Reusable Cotton Face Mask


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Dreams of Summer C Collection Reusable Cotton Face Mask


WFM | Liberty Tana Lawn 100% Cotton Fabric

The WFM premium face masks Dreams of Summer C Collection are hand-crafted in-house here in Sydney, Australia. They are sewed under strict hygienic conditions as in line with recommended COVID-10 prevention guidelines.  

Made In Australia – WearFaceMasks.com.au

We sourced the original finest Tana Lawn 100% Cotton fabric designed by Liberty of London fabrics, printed in Como, Italy. Each of our face mask is unique, and hand-crafted from Liberty Fabric specially selected for its original Collection’s aesthetic designs, history and breathtaking colours.

Our premium reusable face mask designed for everyday use is formed from four layers consisting of 3 cotton layers, offering comfort, breathability and style, as well as one internal layer using breathable waterproof non-woven fabric (Polypropylene) for added protection.

* Wash before use; Machine wash at warm or cold using a washing bag. 

•  Liberty Tana Lawn 100% Cotton Fabric
•  Reusable face masks in 4 layers
•  Breathable
•  100% Australia Made, Sydney (locally sourced materials)
•  2 Sizes: Medium & Large
•  Not suitable for children under 2 years old
•  For general purpose use only – not a medical mask

•  EXTERNAL LAYER – Tana Lawn™ 100% Cotton Fabric
•  INTERMEDIATE LAYER – A Polypropylene layer made from melt-blown waterproof non-woven fabric which provides a physical, water-repellent barrier that inhibits droplet transfer when the wearer exhales or from other external sources
•  INTERNAL LAYERS – 100% Cotton layers before and next to the mouth using soft cotton fabric offering comfort and breathability

 – Best Seller amongst women.
•  Fabric Length (excluding elastic): 22 – 24cm
•  Width: 13cm

LARGE – Best Seller amongst men.
•  Fabric Length (excluding elastic): 22 – 24cm
•  Width: 14cm

Wash before use; Machine wash at warm or cold using a washing bag. 

WFM face masks are made of quality 100% cotton, we recommend using a laundry washing bag before washing them in your regular laundry in warm or cold water. If possible, place mask in direct sunlight or air dry and allow to completely dry. Store masks in a clean dry place when you are not wearing them.


These face masks are NOT medical grade and are NOT tested to protect from COVID-19 or to be worn as protection around positive tested COVID-19 patients.

These face masks are made of 3 layers quality 100% cotton and 1-layer Polypropylene. WFM face masks are NOT designed for use with PM 2.5 filter. These face masks are for personal use only, it should not be shared with anyone.

Due to hygienic reasons, all face masks are final sale and cannot be Returned or Exchanged for any reason.

By purchasing a mask from WearFaceMasks, you acknowledge that you have read, understood and agree to all of the above and take full responsibility for your own health and safety regarding COVID-19 and other hazardous exposure. You acknowledge that WearFaceMasks takes no responsibility for any damage or loss caused as a result of your purchase and you indemnify WearFaceMasks for all loss suffered as a result of your purchase.